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Teepol Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide- 4 Liters

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Take note! Due to the highly reactive nature of this product, the liquid is only 75% filled up. The solution (H2o2) is COLOURLESS and ODOURLESS- looks like water (H20). best used within 6 months after first use. if it were to be diluted, please ensure the diluted solution is used immediately, do not keep the diluted solution for more than 24 hours.

TEEPOL Surface Disinfectant is a patented formulation of 3% Accelerated hydrogen peroxide H2O2 solution that will dramatically increase its germicidal potency and enhance cleaning performance.
CDC Highly recommends Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide at 0.5% concentration as a Disinfectant due to its very safe nature and effectiveness in killing the COVID-19 virus.

1.An excellent disinfectant and is compatible with various fogging or misting equipment.  A best practice that is recommended by KKM, clean your surface to remove any impurities, then disinfect.
2. Hospital-grade disinfectant cleaner. It is lab tested for healthcare institutions (EN 13697)
3.TEEPOL Surface Disinfectant is your ultimate personal disinfectant on the go! You may spray it on high-touch surfaces such as trolley, lift, or petrol pump. Do expect a minor tingling sensation if used on skin. No rinsing is required.
4.Can be added to your dishes/laundry/surface washing detergent for normal or machine application to add disinfecting properties as well as a whitening agent.
6.Perfect food wash for meat, fruits, and vegetables as it is capable to kill microbes (e,g viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi, parasites, as well as getting rid of pesticides). It also eliminates sogginess and keeps green vegetable fresher. You can apply it directly or dilute it with water at a ratio of 1:5.

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